Why Mobile Optimization Matters for Your Sales Emails

One thing you're probably not thinking about when writing your cold emails? How it looks on your reader's phone. Here's why mobile is everything.

Why Mobile Optimization Matters for Your Sales Emails
A sales rep stands in a lavender field looking at his phone in his hand.

I'm going to go out on a limb here: you're reading this on your phone.

Data shows it's where you're 8x more likely to first open an email. Even when you're on your computer, your phone sits right next to your laptop.

It's basically a notification tab for your laptop.

Don't believe me? A story...

This week, I had a kickoff call with a new client. The icebreaker? What's your phone background? Everyone had their phone ready.

Why am I harping on this?

There's a massive disconnect in how we send and receive email.

We're 3x more likely to hit send from a computer. That 3x is just general email. I'd argue for sellers (especially cold email) that likelihood is probability +10x that.

That disconnect is why we (Lavender) built a mobile editor in the inbox.

We saw the best reps were writing emails and sending them to themselves first as a gut check.

Sometimes, we think things will translate well, and they don't. Check out this email:

A cold email written in Gmail. The email features several best practices for how to write better cold emails, but the message is intentionally designed not to be formatted well for a mobile reader.

It looks okay... right?

I pulled out key points, so they're easier to read. It's a little long, but overall the message is at a 5th-grade reading level (good).

It should be easy to read... but what's your reader's first impression? Here's that email on my phone:

An example cold email displayed in Lavender's mobile preview. The email is not optimized to be viewed on a phone.

Those big paragraphs are a *nightmare* for your reader. It's not because they're hard to read. They're not. It's at a 5th-grade reading level.

It's because your reader's first impression is "Woah... that's a lot of work." Your reader doesn't want that.

If you're sending within a thread, this problem is even worse.

A cold email displayed within Gmail's in thread compose. Since the compose window is wider, the seller is unaware that the email is poorly formatted for a phone.

You'd never know there's an issue. This is exactly why mobile formatting is tied with not asking questions as the #1 reason that conversations die.

If you're in sales... you don't want that to happen.

Do yourself a favor. Make whitespace your friend (and use our product). No one is going to be upset you made your writing easier to read.

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